Sunday, 7 July 2019

Few Tips for Surviving a Flood

The United States is facing the flood almost every year. So, floods are a common disaster for the United States. Many floods are relatively harmless in the US. However, some floods are terribly dangerous, which are usually caused by hurricanes. In the result of Katrina Hurricane, 80% of New Orleans was flooded. That flood claimed hundreds of lives and the damage of the city and hoses was nearly 70%. To minimize the damage from a flood, you need to learn and follow a few important tips. Follow these steps and save the lives of your loved ones.

What is the flood?
A flood can be caused by two main reasons. One is the natural rainy season and second is a rise in the river due to the hurricane. When it is the rainy season, due to the regular rains the level of rivers rise and flood can happen. Floods can be minor or major. Minor floods last for a few days and cause minor damages while major floods can last for a long time. The damage in major floods is devastating and terrible. Floods can damage your homes, bridges, cars, buildings, vehicles, and roads. Many people and animals die and some of them lost during the floods.

Prepare yourself for Flood
It is difficult to predict a flood and it is more difficult to predict that it will be minor or major. When a flood strikes, in a blink of an eye it can drift away, your all expensive things, pets, or maybe family. So, prepare yourself for the flood before it happens. A flood can affect your daily routine of normal life. So, stock up your car with ready-made meals, water, clothes, emergency blankets, emergency tool kit, first-aid kit, battery-powered phones, and radio. Pack this stuff for at least 3 to 5 days. When the flood comes you have to evacuate your home or maybe you have to be home locked for a few days. Hence, you should stock up your pantry and car when it is a rainy season. Keep ready an evacuation route plan. Or follow the local announcements. But, if you are living in an area where floods frequently come then do not rely on any other source. Make sure your all preparations are always complete. Always ready with yourself a plan B which you can follow, if you fail your plan A of moving. Call a plumber and electrician they will check out your home. They will clear out all the hazards they can which may cause a flood. Switch off all the circuits and main powers during the flood.

Key things to follow during the flood
If you can manage to move somewhere else then it is the best idea I can give you. Move out for a few days to any safe place. And you can come back to your home after the flood. But you cannot manage or afford then follow the local government’s evacuation plan. For this purpose, turn your radio on every time. In case it is a major flood, the water will continuously rise and it can even swallow your life. Before leaving the home, turn off all the power cuts, gas connection, and water supply connection. If you have a double story home, shift to the upper story. Bring all the necessary and valuable things along with you to the upper story. However, moving out is always a better option.

Tips you should keep in mind after the flood
After the flood, the crucial part is cleaning up your home and area. Clean all the appliances and bathtubs. Vaccinate yourself, your pets, and other family members. After the flood, so many diseases break out. First, dry all the electrical wires with a cotton cloth and then turn it on.

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